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Is this a bug ? M1 chart in fact shows D1 bar ?

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OldZ 2010.10.25 19:58 

M1 chart in fact shows D1 bar

Rashid Umarov
Rashid Umarov 2010.10.26 09:26  

Read Organizing Data Access

Storing Intermediate Data

Data received from a server are automatically unpacked and saved in the HCC intermediate formate. Data on each symbol are written into a separate folder: terminal_directory\bases\server_name\history\symbol_name. For example, data on EURUSD received from the MetaQuotes-Demo server will be stored in terminal_directory\bases\MetaQuotes-Demo\history\EURUSD\.

Data are written into files with .hcc extension. Each file stores data of minute bars for one year. For example, the file named 2009.hcc in the EURUSD folder contains minute bars of EURUSD for year 2009. These files are used for preparing price data for all timeframes and are not intended for direct access.

If we don't have minute story for 1993 year as result every daily bar in this period is represented by one minute bar.  It's normal.

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