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file45 2014.04.23 19:26 

The MT4 Code Base author login has changed.

Under the new changes i can find no way to edit past published indicators, EAs or scripts.

The only options I see available are Submit your code and  a (<) share icon.

Updating past published indicator code as well as text content is ongoing in light on new MT4 builds.

How it the editing and updating of past published indicators to be achieved ? ?

The only option appear to be - resubmit ALL text, images and downloads.

Mystified !

Alain Verleyen
Alain Verleyen 2014.04.23 22:44  
file45 2014.04.24 11:22  
Write to ServiceDesk.
Thanks for the answer - I appreciate your position but surely routine questions such as where is the edit access for past published MT4 indicators the stuff of forums. 
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