Is there video tutorial for OpenCl usage in MQL5?

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jaffer wilson
jaffer wilson  

Hello everyone,

I have been looking for some tutorials that would be helpful to me in designing or writing my program having lots of calculations.

But I am failing to understand the Opencl usage just by observing the examples from the Script. Even I have tried some other examples from the blogs but of no use.

Hence, want to know where I can get the tutorial videos for learning the opencl in mql5?

Kindly, share your valuable thoughts over it.


I don't have a direct answer to Your question, but I have some ideas around Your Question.

I am sure that You know how Quicksort works. Quicksort is hidden behind the Bitonicsort

which is done for CPU and also for GPU. Did You also read and understood in the book of

Matthew Scarpino OpenCL in Action. How to accelerate graphics and computations ?

I am asking You because You can find some basic ideas about bitonic sort, Fast Fourier

Transform and Matrix Multiplication also in the book and You need only to adapt the

basic ideas to MQL5.  Matrix Multiplication is also important for NN as can be seen at  

If You can't find the right videos, what about producing Yourself some of them ? 

Good luck! 

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