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ultracat 2014.04.15 20:55 

I have a Moto X on LTE / wi-fi.  When I open MT4 and go to Settings > Messages > MetaQuotes ID it says "Failed to register messages receiving service.  Check your Internet connection and try again."  Everything about my network connection seems good, I can use MT4 live like normal on my Android phone, I just can't get a MetaQuotes ID.  I'm trying to setup push notifications to my phone with this.  Can anyone suggest what the problem might be?

ultracat 2014.04.15 20:56  

I should say, it's running Android Kit Kat.  Thanks for any help you can give...

Alain Verleyen
Alain Verleyen 2014.04.15 21:50  
David Widjaja
David Widjaja 2015.10.06 11:00  
Hai ultra? Did you have any solution for your metaquotes id? Because i've the same prblem too, can you share if you already had a solution thanks
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