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Discussion of article "Guide to Testing and Optimizing of Expert Advisors in MQL5"

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MetaQuotes Software Corp.
MetaQuotes Software Corp. 2010.10.12 17:12 

New article Guide to Testing and Optimizing of Expert Advisors in MQL5 is published:

This article explains the step by step process of identifying and resolving code errors as well as the steps in testing and optimizing of the Expert Advisor input parameters. You will learn how to use Strategy Tester of MetaTrader 5 client terminal to find the best symbol and set of input parameters for your Expert Advisor.

Figure 38. Preliminary optimization result analysis

Author: Samuel

johnmcgiles 2010.11.15 00:25  

This question has been reposted in the main forum (

Thank you for creating this article, but is there a way to access the functionality of metatrader's genetic optimizer without having to manually do the optimization from the backtesting terminal?  

 What I'm looking for is a way to optimize an EA on the fly using mql.  There has been mention of being able to do this with matlab interaction, but I'm not that familiar with matlab and therefore this would be quite difficult.  Any help/recommendations with on the fly optimization would be greatly appreciated.  Thank You.

Optimizing on the fly and backtesting
Currently I'm developing EAs and backtesting them using MT5 with a metaquotes demo account, but I'm not sure how accurate the backtesting tick data is.
Thiago Ferreira
Thiago Ferreira 2013.02.20 21:02  
I would like to know how is the quality of modeling? Is better than the MT4? Downloading historical data, I get to have a 99% modeling in MT4.
And in MT5, how does it work? It is 100% the quality of modeling?
Rashid Umarov
Rashid Umarov 2013.02.21 10:13  
Al. 2013.04.04 14:03  
An excellent article for novice mql5 programmers. Many thanks Samuel
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