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MQL5 Group Name (Symbol Type) - page 2

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yes agree. Your function is much cleaner and probably faster? I

think the reason I used 


was reading this: https://docs.mql4.com/marketinformation/symbolinfostring

Return Value

The value of string type. In case of execution failure, information about the error can be obtained using GetLastError() function:

4106 — symbol is not selected in "Market Watch" (not found in the list of available ones),
4051 — invalid identifier of a symbol property,
4024internal error.

Does a call to GetLastError() add anything iif we alert for the error: 

Alert("Error: ",GetLastError());

I dont wish to protract this discussion but I think rewritten with GetLastError would add something.

Anyhow, thanks for your input here. I learned something from you.

SymbolInfoString - Market Info - MQL4 Reference
SymbolInfoString - Market Info - MQL4 Reference
  • docs.mql4.com
2. Returns true or false, depending on the success of a function. If successful, the value of the property is placed in a placeholder variable passed by reference in the last parameter. It is recommended to use SymbolInfoTick() if the function is used for getting information about the last tick. It may well be that not a single quote has...
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