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Grzegorz Korycki
Grzegorz Korycki 2014.03.23 11:40 

Weekend when forex is closed is a good time to explore other trading markets like bitcoin market. But i always had problems with good BTC/USD history to test anything in reasonable way!


History in MT4 is a pain in the... And when it comes to BTC-E btc/usd history it is even worse (falsified history in few places - like showing drop to 300 usd while the drop was to 100usd)

So i decided to create a free program to convert these history files: 

to 1M,5M,15M,30M,1H,4H CSV history center file. At least now i can test everything with 1M opening prices accuracy. There was some program to convert these history to MT4, but rarely anyone got it to work.

To anyone that trades bitcoins in MT4 - please test this program and report how is it doing! (the volume may be incorrect unfortunately)

I added gap filling, so if no transactions were made during lets say 5 minutes it copies previous close price as OHLC (flat bar).


If you have any additional ideas I will be grateful!

If betatests are successful I will include converted CSV files in one of following posts.

Let me know what you think (if you trade or want to trade bitcoins) we can improve it together. (converted csv history)

Alain Verleyen
Alain Verleyen 2014.03.23 11:58  

Forum on trading, automated trading systems and testing trading strategies


This forum is about MT5/mql5, please post your question about MT4/mql4 on forum.

  • They are more people who can answer there.
  • They are more people who can have similar problem there.
  • A forum is not only to get help but to share with the community, mql4/MT4 community isn't the same as mql5/MT5 community.

Grzegorz Korycki
Grzegorz Korycki 2014.03.23 12:11  

market for MT4 is on, so it is a bit confusing. The same with login/password put in MT4 from community site and separate passwords for MQL4 and MQL5 sites.  Sorry for mixing them up.

William Schaarrand
William Schaarrand 2016.05.01 08:46  

does this still work and does anyone have a complete m1 data series for btcusd from 2013 til now? 


thank you  

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