MT5 Release 5.00 build 1730 Custom symbols

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I wish a successful 2018.
Today i found the reason, why my system slowed down since having built a "custom symbol".

I just built one, deriving from only 3 symbols, connected by just add, divide and multiply and activated it in the symbol list.

I checked it in a chart- full function. Wonderful Instrument to build "European Indices" or any combination
of symbols, even such you think run against each other and watch the sum-symbol.
OK so far.

I am a performance-maniac. My 12.000 lines Mt5-Program runs like hell over 40 symbols, searches, displays, is trading and uses around 15-25% CPU total, including the
basic MT5-System, which uses around 5-10% for just operating.
Today i recognized, that with all symbols closed (1.1.2018), the program took around 50% CPU.

OK, my fault, like the past showed too often.
Not today.  After 1-2 hours of searching for reasons i deactivated the "custom symbol" (which i didnt use!) and the CPU-usage fell from 50 to 10 %.
No go for custom symbols in this release for me.

Alain Verleyen
Alain Verleyen  

It's Metaquotes way to work. They release early, then they will improve it.

In the mean time, we are beta testers, volunteer or forced.

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