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Metatrader 5 sample EAs very short?!

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nobody 2010.09.30 21:50 

Hi guys,

Just wondering about the sample EAs in the metatrader 5 platform.  Why are their codes very short?  Like for example ExpertCrossMA's code, it contains only a few lines of code while the sample codes in the articles are so long and detailed? What does these two lines mean:    

      if(!ExtExpert.InitSignal(new CSignalCrossMA)) return(-2);

      if(!ExtExpert.InitMoney(new CMoneyFixedLot))  return(-3);


Can someone kindly explain it to me?  I'm just a beginner programmer and I'm trying to study sample codes as my reference.

Thanks in advance!

Pawel Wojnarowski
Pawel Wojnarowski 2010.10.01 09:57  
The code of EA itself is short, but check all the include files referenced in the code. 
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