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Purchased indy and EA became inactive. Is this normal?

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Napasorn Hirun
Napasorn Hirun  

Hi guys,

Every once in a while my purchased indy and EA will become inactive (nothing happen when click or drag them on to the charts) so I would delete and redownload. But by doing so I would also lost an activation each time. This happened 3 times already.

The first time it happened I wrote to service desk. They informed that due to windows update big time they will give extra activation. But yesterday it happened again but this time they cannot give extra activation anymore.

So I’m afaird if this continue to happen then I will run out of activation soon. I’m not mt4 expert at all so I want to ask if this is normal to lose activation from time to time on the same mt4 terminal? Does anyone know how to avoid this...thank you very much in advance for all your answers

Best regards,


ps. I used windows10 run on parallel desktop on mac. 

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