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experience Metatrader 4 on Windows core 2012?

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Rudolf De Heer
Rudolf De Heer  

Hi all,

Are there any traders who run Metatrader 4 on Windows core 2012? Is this setup supported for MT5?

My single MT4 setup consumes 90 MB VRAM memory on a VPS with a GB virtual RAM on a Windows server 2012 in a VPS farm.  I didn't plot the memory usage of MT4 in performance monitor although. An RDP connection consumes about 40 MB.

With one GB virtual RAM and about 20 data feeds in a single MT4 instance i am wondering what the most constraining bottleneck is in performance:


- hard disk input/output


- Network adress translation entries ( e.g. amount of connections xor datafeeds)

- multiplexing in ports (e.g. statefull stateless firewalls)

- MT4 design ( is MT4 capable of multi threading?)

- Windows 2012 GUI design vs Windows Core 2012

- Server side processing MT4 bridge

I  am wondering if there are any best practices with the amount of MT4 instances with a 1GB RAM setup and a 2.4 GHz Xeon multi core VPS server and if there are any traders who run MT4 on Windows core 2012. I assume the datafeeds in MT4 are based on the UDP e.g. no connection negotiations (the contrary of TCP design).

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