Data Files in \history\ for MQL5 and MQL4

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Carl Schreiber
Carl Schreiber  


  1. I know that Eas, Indis and scripts can access in MQL4 historic data via iTime(), iOpen(), ... of various symbols and timeframes.
  2. In MQL5 exists for that either CopyRates() and or its family: CopyTime(), CopyOpen(), ... (and no other option :()
  3. These MQL5 functions now exist in MQL4 as well -


  4. I realise on my mt4 that e.g. 'my' m1- chart doesn't show any hole and it shows its candles from 2017.03.15 until 2017.10.20 (Friday close)
  5. while CopyRates() shows several data holes during almost the same time span.
  6. This means that mt4 must have different data file(s) for the chart and for CopyRates and CopyRates() does not use the local hst-files in the history folder :( - is that so??
  7. In the folder ..\history\{broker}\ I found only 1 file EURUSD1.hst

  8. Does this mean that CopyRates (and its family) loads its data again and again from the server and the data there doe have the data holes?
  9. Or are there stored elsewhere? - If so how can I access them?

  10. Now to MQL5 does it have the same 'logic' no local data for CopyRates (and its family)?
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