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Data I have several questions

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Question one.  each desk has about 2880 bars of data that can be accessed from. iclose, bid[] or copyrates. When does it look at the \history\desk= *.hst files?

Question two: When are the *.hst files updated. Upon exiting ? 

 Question three: tools options charts  sets the memory pool that metatrader can access and it is set upon entry into the program.....How can i know when looping though Copyrates  if the data size requested is too big?

not too big for amount of data but memory size 

 Question Four: any one know of a good set of logic for Bad data in both price and time. 

Example must have three " Prints at price X for it to be valid " That seems to work well. But I have not found anything great for Time. 

 Question Five: I am very frustrated with holes in the data  . I am thinking of every hour opening the charts i need and closing them. But how long should I wait for update before closing them


I made a list of states to check before trading a long time ago and I am getting around to finishing the list.  The best one I found was in post 

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