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How Granular is the Past Data in MQL5? - page 2

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Fernando Carreiro
Fernando Carreiro  
Ovidus: Of course I started to mention it after Alain pointed out that possibility, because before then I did not realize it was possible. How can I ask about the details of a procedure before realizing this was a possibility?

Why I want to produce CSV (or word or any other similar format) tick data? 
Because I want to study how prices move on the micro scale over a specific and very short period of time.... kind of obvious, no? 

Finally, my question in real vs simulated was already answered. Thanks a lot for answering this and pointing out that the documentation is clear, but I already realized this after reviewing the material and did not ask this in any of the recent questions. But thanks anyway

I suspected it but no, it is not obvious, hence why I asked!

You can easily get hundreds of ticks per minute and it is much more common to analyse such data "visually", such as the Ticks chart in Visual Mode of the back-testing, hence why I placed the text "(also see below, on using the Visual mode)."

In the Visual Mode, with the Ticks chart open, you can easily control the speed very well, so I don't understand your statement "Even on the slowest setting ... the visual is too fast to make sense of the tick-by-tick movements."

Also, producing CSV files of tick data produces gigantic files, which DO NOT facilitate analysing the "microscale" at all. The application already offers much better tools to analyse the "microscale", and there is no need to produce CSV for the reason stated.

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