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Ea question forex

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Hello, hope i am posting in the right topic.

I've been trading Binary Options(never tried Forex) for some period of time, on other side i'm happy that i've learned many things from it, but in the other side, the profit results we're none(let's not go deep in my history, binary options in my opinion, as my experience, is just gambling). One of my friend told me one time to try Forex, it's much easier, and you could make more profit, and less risks, i'm trying Forex Demo since 3 days, and i can say i got how it works, because it's the same way as Binary Options, just some new and efficient "Settings"(stop losing, take profit)

As i have no time, and i don't know how to configure/make a EA, i'm asking for you're guys help, for the "best" EA you can share that:

-can be used for ok deposits(like 500, max 1000$)
-can be used for long time
-know to take the profit and not to risk the money(smallest risk)

I hope i can be helped.
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