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Help Me Understand The Terms of My Bonus Account

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Leandro Mendes
Leandro Mendes  

I made 2 topics before this but they got deleted. Hopfully I will be a little bit more careful with this one.


 I am new to Forex. I have been trying to make money but never been sucessful at it. At least not manually trading.

 So last month I went out and found a few no deposit bonuses and came across an EA that I have actually been making some profit from.

The bonus was of $200 and have made around $270 of profit.


I am trying to figure out how much of that profit is really mine. I read through the terms over and over, from what I understood I should be able to get some profit.

The 1 lot = $2 deal I have heard other say is really bad, but I figured that even if I am able to take out just a small portion of the profit I would still be making money.


I have attached the terms to the post and removed the logo and name of the broker hoping this topic won't have anything breaking the rules of the forum. Ok I don't think I can do that either.


How do I show you guys the terms? I removed everything that showed the name of the broker and it got removed from the attachments... 


If anyone could help me out it would be great!

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