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Problem with conditions in EA - page 2

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Hi... I have recently developed my first EA where I use some of the indicators for predicting the possibility of opening/closing orders.

It looks I need some other inputs to make it even better... 

Therefore, I am thinking about using trading signals in addition to technical indicators in my code....

However, it looks in MT4 I cannot get these signals in alphanumeric form, as it is offered there to join some-one's trading via copying.. Copying someones signals...without any chance for personal judgement...

You know sometimes we get signals like: 

Currency Pair:   USDJPY (for example),  Buy (or Sell, or Strong Sell),   Entry Point ... 107.9, Take Profit  108.5, Stop Loss 107.2....

Namely, I would prefer to get the signals like this, which I can use in my code, after gathering several signals and analyzing them and making the average, or best option among them.

It looks MT4 does not provide such function, even though there is a possibility of getting signals via only copying...

There in News pad (below) the signals are coming up but not in a convinient form... 

Can anyone advice ... how for me to receive such signals?

Or, maybe I should negotiate with signal providers so as they could send their signals to me in a special (alphanumeric) format?

Could you kindly send your comment to my email address as well, please?



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