Unused available Indicators/EA/Scripts Timeless Licences

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When a member, normally selling his products in the usual "5 TIMELESS LICENCES" way against a once single  payment,

opts to supply the same products on a "TIMELIMITED PERIOD RENTING WAY" against one or  more periodic FEES payments,

the one or possible more number of the 5 previous timeless licences, not yet dowloaded, at the time of

this change, ARE NO MORE AVAILABLE FOR DOWLOAD AND INSTALLATION, unless against a new payment of a RENTAL FEE

despite of one still owns  2 o 3 FREE TIMELESS LICENCES duly bought before and not yet utilized.

Personally I bought in this manner a lot of products from chsa73 and now

I am in the need to install them on a new computer, but the remaining available 2 or 3 licences are useless owing to the here above explained problem.

I'd like to  call your attention, on this matter and for good order safe, I will appreciate a lot your comment about, and hopefully awaiting for

a usefull suggestion to overcome

Many thanks for your attention and reply

andrea rinaldi


Marco vd Heijden
Marco vd Heijden  
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