Signal subscription not allowed, but have open positions

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Hi everyone

I have been subscribed to a signal that has expired and MQL5 is not allowing me to resubscribe to it even though I have open positions linked to the signal. This is a good risk management measure from MQL5 to stop new people following a risky signal, and I should not have let my subscription expire - but does anyone know how to get subscribed again?

The signal in question:

[link to the signal was deleted by moderator]

Thanks in advance!


Hi Brandonm721,

Yes I know; the only way to renew your subscription is to wait until the drawdown of the signal gets better so that it is again available for subscription.

I am now exactly at same situation as you. I have contacted to ServiceDesk about this issue already in April 2017. After that I asked them several times to fix this problem but they have ignored my requests. They did reply to me that this is normal software behaviour and it will not be fixed. Last message about this issue I got from Service Desk was this:

“No one prevents you from managing positions yourself. We already told that we're not going to change the behavior”

IMHO, this is system design fault that shuold be fixed asap. I have now lost about 4000 EUR due to this fault. That is because my open positions have been unmanaged ten days; during this time signal provider has done good job and traded signal profitable even if the drawdown is still so high that access to signal is blocked. I had subscribed to this signal already several months but I did make one mistake: I did forget to renew my subscription in time; I was exactly one hour late and that mistake costs me huge amount of money.

The software shuold me changed so that if the signal subscriber has RECENTLY (let’s say within previous couple of days) subscribed to that same signal, then subscription shuold be allowed even if for totally new subscribers it wuodn’t be allowed.
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