Binary option/scalping indicator + win/loss statistics

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Hi everyone!

I' m quite newbe in mt4 coding but with metatrader's help and researches in google (and many hours lol) I coded an indicator

My indicator is very easy to read, because my indicator draws only 1 arrow for : CALL and 1 arrow for : PUT.

For the moment, I' m focussing on 5 minutes expiration.

So when a arrow is drawn at a moment T, my indicator will draw a second arrow 5 minutes on T+5 after the first arrow.

2 types for the second arrow :

SetIndexStyle(2, DRAW_ARROW, EMPTY);

SetIndexArrow(2, 252); // green crosses

SetIndexBuffer(2, vrai); // means true

SetIndexStyle(3, DRAW_ARROW, EMPTY);

SetIndexArrow(3, 251); // red crosses

SetIndexBuffer(3, faux); // means false

my condition for these arrows

if (Close[i-5]>Close)
vrai[i-5] = High[i-5] + Range*0.75;

if (Close[i-5]<Close)
faux[i-5] = High[i-5] + Range*0.75;

Ok, now here is my problem.
I would like to make a meter (wherever on the graph) that count the green crosses to count winning trades, that count red crosses to count loosing trades, and with these two data, a ratio of winning trade on total trades.
I tried with the function ObjectsTotal to count green and red crosses but for some reason, it didn't work...
Can someone help me please?
Best regards


Do someone know how to use the function ObjectsTotal () ?


Post the indi or send me it and I ll make an indicator for you!

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