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I'm looking for a "conformation" indicator.

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Daniel Palmer
Daniel Palmer  

Hello fellow traders!

I am fairly new to FOREX trading, but have been spending my time learning indicators, chart patterns, and fundamental effects on price action.

I have developed a strategy that involves Bollinger Bands, Fib lines, AO, MACD, and a few other indicators within MT4. However, as I read, learn, and trade upon my demo, I was wondering if anyone had an indicator that I can include to this system to determine when its "safe" to trade? My main issue is the entry points, as I seem to enter to early, but still working on when to enter based upon the indicators. I'm not looking for any EA's, just a simple indicator that shows where "it" would enter a trade vs. where "I" think I should enter, kind of something that can confirm my entry choice.

I trade mainly upon the D1 frame, checking H1 and M15 for entry points for limit or stop entries.

I have a long way to go on my learning journey, but need to get this basic point down a.s.a.p.

Any help is very greatly appreciated!

My the Pips be with you!

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