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I Need...Middle Point Indicator using trendline at MT4

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Hello everyone,

I need an indicator for pivot point / Middle point using trendline facilities..

that mean when i use trendline at mt4 and set to hig/low or open/closed it will appera

horizontal line for middle point.

How i want to use that indicator is like below..

1.Just draw a trendline from High to Low or Low to High and then rename

that trendline to "HL"

the indicator must include this setting ii possible

Magnet Setting :

0 = Off

1 = Close price (to be used with line chart)

2 = High/Low Price (to be used with candlesticks or bar chart)

1. Draw a trendline from Hi to Lo or vise versa"

2. Select the trendline, right click and then select \"Trendline Properties...\""

3. Under Common tab, in the name box, rename the trendline according to your TF, eg: \"M15 or H1\""

4. Indicator input, change TLname as per your TL properties\""

5. Click OK.");


Metaneural Engineering LLC
Omar Gray  

I think this is what you're looking for. I also included a multi-timeframe version.


thank metaneural...

but it not what im looking for ....

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