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Simple Method with 88%+ Winning Rate

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Time Frame: 1H

Indicators Setup:

• HeikenAshi - Initially When I started I used it, However I’ve stopped using it now….. As I see the candle stick patterns are more than enough to enter/exit a trade….

• 72 EMA Closed – Average trend of three days (24*3)

• 12 EMA Closed – Average trend of the day (1*12)

• Supply/Demand – Place the Support/Resistance When You See them

• Round Number - Physiological Level is a market sentiment / a key level to watch

Entry :-

• Look for a Reject from 72 EMA

• Enter after the price closed above/Below the 12 EMA

• The entry Candlestick should be one single bar rejecting from 72 EMA & Closing Below/Above 12EMA & should be a Pinbar, Marubozu, Engulfing Pattern… Etc

Exit : - Its Up to a trader to decide depending on his/her risk, Close After the price closed below/above the 12 EMA or on a reversal or support/resistance etc.

Stop Loss ;- Swing High or Swing Low / Above or Below 72 EMA.

Happy Trading

Shawn Michal
Shawn Michal  

Thanks funzybeegames to share your trading strategy with us. I will follow it and hope, it will be profitable for me as well.



Thank you for this method, it looks nice!

Which currency do you use?

How long have you been trading this method?

Kind regard


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