# camarilla #

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hi! everybody...

today i will introduce...new tpl/chart...ezzier from my previous chart or tpl.

i think by this chart everybody ezzily can understand even newbies.this chart

acctually base on waddah attar fibo level n i add with zz fibo beta...by looking

this fibo level attach its will make us more ezzy to know the current bar/candle position... from this we will know the risk would be faced to continue trade/enter

or must be wait..for temporary or stop n leave its. the indicators at the bottom chart..work as our supporter in decision making.

here also i attach the result (on demo ) using this chart.this templete i suggest

use for 15 mins t/frame n above.

ok only this short explanation for this time..yu can try n surely can make money ....happy trading..


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