my new "ezzy way" to trade

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hi guy!

its been long time i dint write/send anything to this forum...during that time

i just create one ezzy method to newbie to trade.the method i like to name its.."hang trade" .after u get its...up to yu to named problem.

using this method very ezzy,no need to thing too much...just looking the strong hang of heiken ashi smoothed and fibo this method also u can change

our view by chart,candle stick and line chart.

stocastic n aroon oscillator below as your support and your stand.

mostly changes of trend just identify when heiken ashi(colour change) n candle cross ma.

for the fibo level just remember and bcarefull with:

level: 0(daily low) n 100(daily high)

level: 61.8,23.6 n 38.2(normally strong reverse)

the better way is take profit for every level...after that wait until its break the next level...mean the trend strongly continue...

this method can be use for any timeframe..u like.

ok...happy trading....

the_ok_6.bmp 834 kb

Thanks for your sharing..

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