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I need help with a MT4 EA...

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rtopaz 2015.07.27 15:46 


I am a newbie to programming and a part-time trader.

I cannot watch the chart all of the time. I am looking for an ea that will open a trade at the end of the candle. I want to open 4 separate positions at 1 time and be able to also set TP and SL or Trailing Stop for each position individually. I am referring to MT4

Let’s say I am looking at a chart right now and found a good setup for entry. But I want to enter on the next candle without having to wait for the current candle to close. 

By having the ea, I can run it on the preferred chart and continue my work. The trade will open automatically on the next candle open…

If possible, can you make the EA to disabled after it open a trade and sets up t/p, s/l or trailing stop (for that chart only)..

Thank you for those who are willing to help.. 


Marco vd Heijden
Marco vd Heijden 2015.07.27 16:14
Freelance service at
Freelance service at
Orders for the development of automated trading programs
JD4 2015.07.27 19:39  
Or Market.  Someone might have something already that does that.  The other alternative is to finish learning how to do it for yourself by using the docs and/or the code base.
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