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Partner Program - Can I use the original screenshots or quote from the text?

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Zsolt Mosonyi
Zsolt Mosonyi 2014.02.08 16:18 

My problem/question in nutshell:

If I promote an EA or a Signal on my website, can I use the original pictures from the description?

If I promote an EA or a Signal on my website, can I quote part of the original description?

The more detailed version:

I'm quite new here, and found the partner program about 2 weeks ago. I read as much information as I could, but couldn't find anything specific about this topic: what can an partner program member use other than the link and the widgets the site generates for us? If I can quote the original text how much can I quote? I don't want to break any license or copyright so I thought I would ask it in advance before starting to promote anything. Maybe I didn't find something about this topic, so I'm sorry if it's is detailed somewhere and I'm taking your time with my question.

Thank you in advance for answering my question!

Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev 2014.02.08 16:43  

As to me so I do not know sorry ...


personally - I am promoting 'Metatrader 5 Top 3 signals' by widget on my google blog - just to increase the popularity of my blog (on the way of 'content generation tool'):

  • because it is dynamically changed - good for any website as it is not static top 3 - it is dynamic top
  • signals are good ones (and widgets are good)

But I am not participating in any affiliate/partnership program ...

As to the text and so on - I think you may contact with the signal providers and I am sure - majority of them will be happy (and will agree) in case you will promote them in more deep way for example.

Zsolt Mosonyi
Zsolt Mosonyi 2014.02.08 19:29  
Thank you very much for your answer!

The method you mention -asking for permission from every seller separately- might be a solution for me if the sellers keep their rights of the the products. If Metaquotes has the rights of the materials on the site, than it is a different situation, and if both the seller and the Metaquotes has rights on the materials, than its a third version.

Maybe I will start with the basic widgets for now, until I find out more.

Thank you again for you ideas, and your opinion on the topic!

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