Assistance with Exit EA



I've been registered for a couple of years but never really post. Just returned to this site after an 18-month hiatus. I want to thank all of the contributors that give up their time and knowledge to help others.

I've been trading FOREX on and off since about 1996. Taken my lumps like most. Although technology has improved immensely, I still have one glaring problem. I cannot stay up during the European session, since I am located on the U.S. West Coast.

My trading is with S/R, with heavy emphasis on fibs. Breakout from channels and/or bounce trades off a significant hi/low upon first approach are my main entries.

I feel that the trailing stop is too basic for me. Should I TP a portion of profit at a certain fib expansion level, I'd also like the option to trend the balance.

One very good tool that I use is the Heiken Ashi (HAS). Can someone design an EA that will exit based on an opposite color HAS candle? Would also like the option to choose 5-min, 15, min, 30, min, and 1-Hour (adjustable).

Additionally (hope this doesn't come off as demanding when it's asking for it to be done free), the basic stop loss must also be in place. In other words, it's an either/or exit.

Any help would be appreciated. I am completely not a tech person and coding is all rocket science to me.