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New MACD indicator

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hello, i am new here, so please excuse if i have posted in the wrong place or anything stupid like that

But, would it be possible for someone to create a new divergence custom indictor with alerts for me in MT4.

I would like the settings to be as follows;

MACD 12, 26, 7

In most divergence custom indicators have found the arrow will go from peak to trough, like that.

Could this one please be over just 2 candles and 2 histogram bars please.

I have tried and tested changing divergence custom indicators to what i would require but i dont seem to be able to make this work

If you have any questions please reply.

Thank you very much.



Hello Traders,

Iam new to the forum and also to forex trading. Does any one has experience with the following trading systems:

1. Forex autopilot system

2. Forex machine

3. Stealth forex Trading system



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