Get Metatrader 4 working under Linux!


There is a lot of interest out there in running Metatrader 4 on the Linux platform, however until Metaquotes does a native Linux version, the only option if you want to do it is to run it under WINE emulation.

What follows is a step by step guide to installing MT4 in Linux. I have used the excellent Ubuntu distribution for this task.

1) Install WINE if it's not already installed. I used version 0.9.33. Please refer to The Ubuntu Wiki for advanced WINE setup instructions.

2) From a valid windows installation, copy over all the fonts into your wine installation. It assumes you told Ubuntu to mount your windows partition in /windows.

cp /windows/WINDOWS/Fonts/* ~/.wine/c/windows/fonts/
3) Copy 2 needed DLL files from your valid windows installation.

cp /windows/WINDOWS/system32/mfc4* ~/.wine/c/windows/system32/
4) Download mt4setup from FXOpen

5) Install MT4.

wine mt4setup.exe
6) You should now have an icon on your Desktop and a working install of MT4 under Linux!

* Please note, in order to set a limit/stop order without an invalid parameters error you need just to remove the expiry (Uncheck the box under the entry price).


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hi i did like you said but when i try to edit variables for indicators it won't allow me do you know why? thanks!


to edit variables you need to hit f2 because double clicking won't work


what will be the advantages of run the metatrader from Linux?


Linux is almost free. The only cost of getting it up and running is the DVD/download cost, which is around $3. Besides that, the license is free.

Running MetaTrader under Linux will not offer any advantages. It runs with the help of a linux program called Wine which is pretty unstable. Therefore, if you are trading with a lot of money, the best option is to run MetaTrader under Windows.


Hi I would appreciate some help with getting MT4 working with Ubuntu 10

I have successfully installed the MT4 program, but it won't run as I do not know how to get the mfc42.dll fonts into the correct place. I have tried codes provided on this forum and from other places but it does not work.

I have the mfc42.dll file on my desktop.

Can someone please give me the correct code /method of getting the file to the correct location.

Thank you