Help coding a simple EA

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Cliff Grappe
Cliff Grappe  

I do not know anything about coding and was hoping someone could help me with a simple system I am testing. If there is an EA already doing this it would be great if you could let me know. I need an expert that can reverse an open position when a trailing S/L is hit. let me include an example.

Manually enter first trade.

Buy EUR/USD 1.4642 with (X) S/L and (X) trailing stop

EUR/USD goes up to 1.4742 if S/L=200 and trailing stop=100 and price now goes down to 1.4572 hitting the S/L the EA would kick in and open a position of sell EUR/USD with S/L=200 and trailing stop=100 and so forth.

The EA would need to be able to see when trailing stop is triggered and open a reverse position with the same (X) S/L and (X) trailing stop in the opposite direction.


Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Night, to those in your time zone.

I am new on the forex scene learning all the jargon that comes with it. I have just learnt that Metatrader 4 has its own trading programming where you can set-up your own stratigies. A big problem that I found is that you need to understand C++ code, which is way above me so really I am not able to benefit from this.

So I was hoping for those who are experts on programming to help me.

What I want to do is on a MACD 12,26,9 on close. on GBPUSD, 1M, 5M and 15M. I would like to BUY when the SILVER bar is touching or broken through the RED line and SELL when the SILVER bar not touching the RED line anymore.

If the RED line is just touching then stay in the BUY position until the SILVER bar is not touching anymore then close the BUY position and open a SELL position.

I want to trade 10% of my account in one trade and Coz I'll be trading in three different time frames I would want to only trade maximum of 3 trade in one time and one trade in each time frame,eg 1 trade in 1M, 1 trade in 5M and 1 trade in 15M (It could be at the same time, which would mean I have reached my limit on open trades and in order to open another position i'd need to close one)

I hope this is very clear. & I am very sorry for having to ask for this kind of help. I would really, really apprietiate it alot.

Thank you for spending the time to read my cry for help.....SEYHAN

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