Getting from Editor to Custom indicator list ?



As a novice can you explain how to get my free indicator (From your forum) onto my chart ? The Metatrader Prog has been downloaded free from ODL brokers but they cannot help. I have applied it to the editor and compiled it again. But it is not being sent to the 'Custom Indicator' list so it can be used on my charts , is thier a reason for this ? As according to the help manual it should do this automatically . Thanks in advance.



You don't have to compile. Just download and save to the correct folder at c:\program files\metatrader 4\experts\indicators\. Open or restart metatrader 4 then you'll see the indicator in the list under "Custom Indicators". Make sure that you copy to the right folder especially you install multiple versions of Metatrader 4.

If it doesn't work, try downloading newest version of metatrader 4 from