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PayPal support appears on

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MetaQuotes Software Corp.
MetaQuotes Software Corp. 2010.09.02 11:54 

Good news for all members of the Now more payment systems support On you now can deposit through the PayPal system. A reverse procedure is not supported yet, but it will appear soon.

From your profile, you can go to the PayPal site to transfer money to your MQL5 account. This feature provides even wider possibilities to all users. Introduction of PayPal makes using the Jobs section even more convenient.

PayPal support appears on

The enhanced payment system is only the foundation, which we are developing now. As soon as this task is completed, we will release new services - "Store" and "Signals", in which all financial transactions will be performed through the domestic payment system. This will open new opportunities to website users.

Attention: Commission charged by PayPal varies depending on the country and transferred amount, but is not more than 5 USD. You can read more about commissions at the PayPal site.
Franco 2010.09.02 13:24  


The paypal deposit system is not working, I get a 404 error page after being redirected from paypal to 

murad 2010.09.02 16:07  
Thanks for your message. It was fixed.

Please try again.
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