getting previous global variable values

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with MT4 the issue is clear by addressing iCustom(.... [1]) Bar 1 instead of the latest Bar 0 for example.

How would one get - previous -  values when an MT 5 EA is using a code like, let's say

GlobalVariableGet("Indicator_EURUSD_5_CURR"); this code shows the latest value.

But the Bar [1] value etc. would be interesting.

The indicator draws, when running RT (not before) , one histogramm after the other.

if anyone has possible hints to this issue, thanks in advance


William Roeder
William Roeder  
  1. GlobalVariableGet has nothing to do with your question.
  2. Once you set a variable the previous value is gone. The type, terminal (GV,) common variables (globally declared,) static, or local is irrelevant.
  3. You know to look at bar 1 instead of bar 0. If you want the previous look at bar 2.
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