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SOCKS5 Proxy bypassed by WebRequest command?

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Grzegorz Korycki
Grzegorz Korycki  

Hey. I have a problem. I configured anonymous IPVANISH SOCKS5 proxy (it tests OK and it works), but when I created a small expert advisor to test my ip 

   char result_char[]; string result_headers;
   char data_char[];
   int res2=WebRequest("GET","",NULL,NULL,5000,data_char,0,result_char,result_headers);
   string result2 = CharArrayToString(result_char,0,WHOLE_ARRAY);
   Alert("result2 = ", result2);

the result is my normal IP address. It looks like webrequest is bypassing my SOCKS5 proxy server.

I need this because I built a robot that trades on cryptocurrencies, but I cannot sell it as a service, because only 6 calls per IP are allowed (I can't scale it). I have found a proxyrack service where all my calls will be sent from different ips, but I cant get MT4 to work with proxy properly. What am I doing wrong?

I am using Metatrader4 terminal, build 1065

EDIT: I now see that HTTP proxy works. Is there any way to make SOCKS5 proxy server to work with WebRequest? Or am I forced to use HTTP (non secure) protocol?
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