MQL5 MetaTrader 5 Strategy Tester, Cannot Enable "sell computing resources via an" Checkbox

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I have installed MetaTrader 5 Strategy Tester in my VPS

"sell computing resources via an" Checkbox is disabled.
so I cannot enable this feature

Please see the attached screenshot

OS: Windows Server 2012 64 bit
CPU : XEON E5-2660 2.2GHz

Please see the attached screenshot

Please help
Untitled.png 24 kb
Marco vd Heijden
Marco vd Heijden  

Hi please see:

  1. Terminal: Added one click trading panel:

    To show/hide one click trading panel, use the icon in the upper left corner or a context menu command.

  2. Terminal: Added automatic display of trading transactions on charts:

  3. Terminal: Fixed calculation of statistics in trading and tester reports.
  4. Terminal: Added translation of the user interface into Romanian.
  5. Signals: Added command for refreshing the list of available signals in the signals showcase:

  6. Signals: Optimized download of available trading signals' database.
  7. Signals: Improved matching of Forex symbols like EURUSDx when using a signal - transformations of the form EURUSDx => EURUSDy are now supported.
  8. Signals: Fixed drawing minicharts in the showcase of signals.
  9. MQL5: Fixed text binding by anchor parameter in TextOut function.
  10. MQL5: Fixed calling virtual functions during recursion.
  11. MQL5: Added CHART_DRAG_TRADE_LEVELS chart property (available via ChartGetInteger and ChartSetInteger functions) - enabling/disabling modification of orders by dragging trading levels with the mouse.
  12. MQL5: Fixed a compiler error in case a class does not have a constructor body. 
  13. MQL5: Changed TextSetFont function behavior - now, size parameter specifies the number of deciles of a font size. For example, if the value of 12 has been previously used as a size, it will be necessary to specify 120 now. Improved fonts display.
  14. MQL5: Standard Library. Fixed setting default order expiration type in CTrade class when trading futures.
  15. MQL5: Standard Library. Added TextSize method to CCanvas class - receiving the size of a specified string in pixels.
  16. MQL5: Standard Library. Parametrized CreateBitmap and CreateBitmapLabel methods are added to CCanvas class - creating Bitmap and BitmapLabel graphical objects.
  17. MQL5: Standard Library. Fixed errors in closing the panel in CAppDialog class.
  18. MetaTester: Added processing OnTimer event when handling optimization result frames. Added MQL5_FRAME_MODE value to ENUM_MQL5_INFO_INTEGER enumeration in order to define the period when an Expert Advisor operates in the mode of gathering optimization result frames. This is necessary for the proper operation of OnChartEvent and OnTimer event handlers' functions.
  19. MetaTester: Added prohibition for using testing agents working on virtual OS in MQL5.Cloud.
  20. MetaEditor: Fixed MetaAssist freezing when working with large source files.
  21. Fixed errors reported in crash logs.
  22. Updated documentation.
List of changes in MetaTrader 5 Client Terminal builds
List of changes in MetaTrader 5 Client Terminal builds
See the "MQL5 Reference / Standard constants, enumerations and structures / Named constants / Other constants " section.
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