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Skilled coders want help me to port this EA from mql4 to mql5?

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I've tried to port this promising EA 

from the great coder Kimitrio


into mql5 language, but still i've many difficults specially on the orders (seltct,ticket,close, etc..) part and

indicators porting with array handles.


I've tried to modify the section that him have created to switch timeframes (the function int gettimeframe() )

by simply change the values of using the input ENUM_TIMEFRAMES type for mql5.


I don't know if it is correct, but i've tried.

I've started this work today, and i will go on. If some programmer are interested to join me, i would be happy.

I will contact soon the author, hoping he will join mql5 community sooner.

Thanks to him, and all of you who want partecipate.

 The potentialities of this EA with the new optimization-agents technologies are preety evident to who understand why.


Hope to read from you soon.


Here the  the attached file

Multi Strategy Ea - MQL4 Code Base
Multi Strategy Ea - MQL4 Code Base: expert advisors for MetaTrader
Vasiliy Orlov
Vasiliy Orlov  


$2 000
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