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Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  

RAS Autotrading, Interview part #2

- A trader wants to try out as many signals as possible to check what is suitable for him. Will it be easy for him to subscribe/unsubscribe to a particular signal?

Yes, it is as easy as just one click on SUBSCRIBE/UNSUBSCRIBE. Note that with Autotrading there is no monthly fee, so it is completely free for the client since Rent a Signal, as well as the broker, are compensated for their services through the bid/ask spread. Any Autotrading trader can subscribe or unsubscribe to a signal without a minimum period or any other condition. This is exactly one of the advantages of Autotrading, that traders can check as many signals, portfolios and setups they may be interested in.

- For new and inexperienced traders, how do you assist them in finding a good signal?

Rent a Signal has invested mostly in specialized tools to help traders select and adjust signals and create reliable portfolios. It is important to properly select those signals that fit with your risk profile. However, to be successful in trading FX signals, making a good setup of the risk per signal and global account is completely required. We have developed the FX-Portfolio Wizard, that allows traders, experienced or not, to easily see how their performance and Max drawdown would have been during the previous weeks with their settings. With FX-Portfolio Wizard, it is really simple to adjust the risk per signal and account according to the size of the account, so you can select the right signals and adjust them in accordance with your risk profile and account size.

- Do you have a message for the signal providers?

Sure. We know perfectly that our signal providers are the most important elements for our clients’ success, so we are always looking for traders who can really make our customers earn money. We don’t believe in equity burner signals that just hunt pip rebates, so we have decided that all Signal Providers will receive an extra compensation soon based on the client’s profit generated through Rent a Signal Autotrading. I said EXTRA compensation because signal providers will also be compensated with 0.5 pips per lot traded with their signals, round turn on all currency pairs. And in addition, they will also receive compensation according to the profit generated by all the autotrading clients.

Rent a Signal is the first FX signals marketplace doing this, because we want the very best FX Signal Providers without any exclusivity or condition. That means that any Signal Provider can offer his/her signal through Rent a Signal and any other marketplace. It doesn’t matter for Rent a Signal, since this is a win-win business for the Signal Providers.

- For new and current signal providers in Rentasignal, do you have any suggestions on how they can promote their signal/s?

One of the most important things that Signal Providers should do is to advise their clients, how to adjust the risk setting of their signals according to their risk profile and account sizes. This can easily be done by using the FX-Portfolio Wizard. On the other hand, it is also important to post about their signals on as many Forex forums as possible, in social media sites or blogs which are dedicated to Forex trading. Forex-TSD.com is one of the best-known Forex forums in the world, where Signal providers can promote their signals, keeping a close contact with their clients.

Let me take this opportunity to provide the e-mail of the Rentasignal Autotrading team, autotrading@rentasignal.com, where the members of our team will be happy to clarify any concerns and provide further information.

All the best for all Forex-TSD users in their trading!

Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  

RAS Autotrading, Interview part #3

1. Could you explain what you exactly do to select a signal?

Sure, I will explain how I do it. However, all traders should modify accordingly to their own criterions. Of course, all the information available is hypothetical and past results are not necessarily indicative of future results, but that is the only information we may expect to have for selecting and adjusting signals to be auto-traded.

1. First of all, I identify what signals seems to be the best ones according to my personal criteria. There is also a ranking on Rentasignal's website , which can be found on Find a Signal | Rent a Signal.

In this ranking, you will find some valuable information in my opinion. I use to take into consideration at this step, the number of weeks and the performance ratio.

2. The number of weeks is required just for the sake of reliability to the stats. What I mean is that the stats are only valid, in my opinion, if the signal is at least older than 10 weeks.

3. The performance ratio shows only a number, which is the risk you must take in order to make a profit. The higher the ratio, the less risk I need to make a profit.

4. Then, I make a quick check of the chart by hovering the mouse over the chart icon placed next to the signal ID. If you see a good looking chart, it means that at least during the last period the signal provider seems to be riding on the crest of the wave.

Once I find the best looking signals according to my criteria, I examine their individual stats to see if the following values meet the necessary criteria for a signal provider within my investment profile:

5. The hypothetical monthly performance shows if it is profitable and winning, as well as loses in a long term basis. I look for a signal with little to no red numbers in their monthly profit and similar numbers per month. That means consistency to me.

6. High-low values show how many pips the signal provider is expecting to have in risk of making a profit and also a measure of its accuracy at the beginning of a trade.

7. I try to trade only signals with more than 10 pips per trade because scalping signals are not always replicable.

8. The higher this value, the higher the accuracy of the signal provider, but only for the number of trades, not value profit.

2. Do you trade one or more signal simultaneously?

I use to trade at least 3 signals every week in order to diversify my risk into more than one signal provider, but it is a must to adjust your risk settings properly and according to the size of your account.

Let me take this opportunity to provide the e-mail of the Rentasignal Autotrading team, autotrading@rentasignal.com, where the members of our team will be happy to clarify any concerns and provide further information.

Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  

RAS Autotrading, Interview part #3 continued

3. Can you trade any signal regardless the size of your account?

Not all, but most of the signals can be traded after adjusting the size of their trades and limit their Max Weekly Drawdown. As you may notice, Rent a Signal has developed new advanced Risk Settings that you would not find in any other FX signals marketplace. Believe me, there is not any other Risk Settings that allows a trader to set his risk settings with as many possibilities as you have with Rent a Signal. However, I don't like to change the parameters of a system. Actually, I don't change any parameters as I only set my risk setting in order to control the risk, not change the strategy.

What I use is only two of all the risk settings available in Rent a Signal:

9. Size Multiplier: It is not necessary to say that you should not trade the same sizes that a signal provider who trades with $100,000 if you are trading a $1,000 account. 10. Max Weekly Drawdown: As past results are not indicative of future results, it is a must to limit the max drawdown. It is really easy to do with Rent a Signal because you can set a value in money; not just pips limitation that actually doesn¥t mean a real limitation.

4. How do you limit your risk?

Well, this is a completely personal point of view, and not any kind of advising. A trader must know what % of the account is able to be risked with all his signals and how many signals being traded. If you were expecting to have in risk, 20% of your account, and would like to trade 3 signals, you should try to adjust your risk settings for each of those 3 signals with a maximum of 20%/3 of your account in risk. If you are trading with an account of $3,000, your global risk could be $600 (20%) so $200 ($600/3) per signal.

That is what you have to get. How to calculate? It's easy with the FX-Portfolio Wizard. Just select the signals by clicking on the check box located in the ranking and then on FX-Portfolio Wizard.

FX-Portfolio Wizard shows you the last values you need to know for adjusting the signals to your risk. I use to adjust as follows:

11. I check the Max weekly Drawdown of each signal and try to get the number I need, with the above numbers $200, in each of the signals. 12. In order to get this number I have to adjust the Currency Pair, Size Multiplier and Max Weekly Drawdown in each signal.

Check the following portfolio adjusted for the above numbers. FX-Portfolio Wizard (Beta 1.0) | Rent a Signal

5. What do I need for autotrading through Rent a Signal?

Interesting, right? I am sure that you are going to open an Autotrading account with us soon, maybe before tomorrow. Well, it is completely easy. Rent a Signal and FXCM are compensated through the bid/ask spread. You only have to register in Rent a Signal with an Autotrading account, open a MT4 new account with FXCM and connect them just by entering your MT4 login details into your profile in Rent a Signal. Once your trading account is connected to your profile in Rent a Signal, you will be able to select, subscribe, and adjust any signal in order to duplicate their trading on your own broker account.

It's easy, transparent and works!

All the best in the trading of the Forex-TSD's users!

Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  

RAS Autotrading, Interview part #4

Why should Rent a Signal be chosen for Autotrading Forex signals?

In my opinion there are three ways to trade in Forex:

1. Traders with experience in trading and Forex market, who want to apply their own or learned strategies, spend so much time in front of their computer.

2. People who know what Forex is and believe in someone who seems to be an expert in Forex trading and decide to allow him/her to manage his account. People who manage the accounts of clients charge a percentage over the performance received by their clients with his/her trading.

3. People who know what Forex is and want to mirror the trades of systems/signals, with the possibility to select and adjust their trades according to their risk and investment profile. These people are the right ones for trading with Rent a Signal. Rent a Signal allows its clients to mirror the experts’ trades, create a diversified portfolio of signals and adjust each individual system and/or their account accordingly to their profile with the best risk setting tools available in the market.

If you want to open an account with Rent a Signal, just click on Open AUTOTRADING account | Rent a Signal

What are the strengths of Rent a Signal marketplace?

To name a few, we could highlight that Rent a Signal is the only marketplace offering the possibilities of RENTING and AUTOTRADING the signals. If a client wants to RENT a signal, just pay a monthly fee per signal and it is possible to trade it with his/her own broker. A client only has to open a RENTING account.

On the other hand, if a client just wants to pay only in case he uses a signal and according to volume traded with it, he just has to open an AUTOTRADING account. Opening an account with Rent a Signal is completely free. Note that Renting accounts can trade any signal directly with any MT4 and Autotrading accounts, even if the client does not need it since everything is done directly through the website. The broker and Rent a Signal are compensated by their services through the bid/ask spread, so there is no additional cost for the clients.

Why should a Signal Provider choose Rent a Signal instead of any other marketplace?

There are so many reasons but mainly because it is a WIN-WIN business. First, it is free and there is not any kind of exclusivity with Rent a Signal. To be honest, we don’t need to force any Signal Provider to be only with us. What is good for our clients is also good for our Signal Providers and of course, for us.

We are the only signals marketplace that allows RENTING as well as AUTOTRADING, so Signal Providers will be able to offer their signals to clients who just want to rent a signal, as well as to those who want to autotrade them. Our Signal Providers establish their monthly fee for renting out their signals in the case of renting accounts, and receive 0.75 pips per trade in the case of Autotrading clients. We are the only FX signals marketplace that compensates Signal Providers with monthly fees and pips according to the volume trade of their signals. We are doing this because we know perfectly that their success is the success of our clients, so our own success as well. We don’t like pips hunter, we are looking for traders who make money. If your trading is making money, Rent a Signal is the right place for you. Click on Open SIGNAL PROVIDER Account | Rent a Signal for opening a Signal Provider account. You are not going to be compensated any better than with Rent a Signal.

Does a trader need to change his trading strategy to be able to offer it through RAS Platform?

No, it is only required to setup an EA in any MT4 and start trading. Once the RAS EA is downloaded and setup in the MT4, all the Signal Provider’s trades will be sent automatically to Rent a Signal, so the expert trader will just have to trade and that’s all. Don’t miss the opportunity to become a Signal Provider of Rent a Signal.

It’s easy, transparent, and works!

All the best in the trading of the Forex-TSD’s users!


I guess rentasignal is closing down. Too bad a lot of effort was done to create that service