Visual Trading


this is great idea and great design you made,

i'm surprised how come no body participate on this great tool n project



I've been using this excellent EA+Program with MT4 strategy tester. It is a history trading tool.......QUOTE]

Hey, a quick qestion. Can I simulate all the data up until current candle close with this simulator? because LFH simulator doesnt let you simulate any of the current days data....



Thanks Man~~

It is a VERY VERY Handy Tool!!

The application designed is extremely cool=.="

I can managed trades very well by simply using that application...

Hundred thanks for your hardwork!!

Thank you!!!


very nice tool,

can you add Buy/Sell Stop Limit order type also?

Ex: if price goes above 1.0010, then place Buy limit at lower price at 1.0000



I've designed this new tradebox. It has completely everything a trader may need to open, close and manage the orders all in one.

In first tab, Risk Management, I've even added a specific tab specially for money management which gives the right volume to open a position based on account leverage and the amount of risk you want to take.

The program automatically grabs your account's free margin (from the related EA attached to your chart in MT4 platform, you then set the amount you want to risk (in %) and then the stop loss (in pips). When you click the "calculate and set trade values" button, the program calculates everything, puts the result (correct size of the position and the SL you defined) in their right fields on top of the window and it's ready for the trader to just click Sell or Buy buttons to place the market order.

I've also designed a small ? button in each tab to put some help about the items and fields in that tab and to show a simple help menu which fully describes each tab's elements right there.

In second tab, Manage Orders, it is easy to deal with open orders or pending orders, to just select a single one to close or just click "close All" to close all open positions or "delete all" to delete all pending orders at once.

In last tab, "Pending Orders" it is the place where you can place your pending orders easily. The trader drags the small horizontal line (which you see in the middle right side of the window) to the desired price on chart, where you want the pending order to be placed. The EA attached to the chart will automatically get the price value of this line for the order to be placed. The other values like volume, sl and tp you set them in the upper fields like before. Then simply click "place order" and that is done.

I'd be happy if someone who is interested enough in developing this project to contribute with me in writing the code and get this done. I'm not so professional in programming because this program may need a simple .dll file which works as a meddler between the executable program and EA inside MT4, I need a programmer who is dominant in both MQL and C#.NET to help me.

I think it won't take much time for a good coder to write the code considering we already have and EA and a working program as a template which will help us and make things easy .. and I'll be happy if someone has suggestion, recommendations or any idea about this project.


this is a great tool thank you so much!

i have a question can this tool be a multi account so it opens a positions in like 3 different mt4 platforms at once?


Any word on the progress of this script?

I really like your interface. Maybe you can try You can post projects and pay people to complete the work for you. Then you can make that money back by selling this product. I know I'd easily pay $29.95 to $49.95 for a program like this.

I've designed this new tradebox. It has completely everything a trader may need to open, close and manage the orders all in one. .

Hi arezab,

What software program did you use to design your tradebox???

all the best



will this help for your development effort

most big bank want someone to derive algorithms trading API or interacting mechanism and program it accordingly -- in simple words, kind of semi-automatic EA on the platform that they use

teach us how to design a MINI WEB SITE -- to be used in ipad ==== if I do not have any apple computer, just wanna a web site that is apple ipad compatible -- I really wanna to learn that - if you find us some link, we will be very please


Thank you Alot for your share .. I installed it successfully but what worked was "Training.exe" the original plugin but your plugin i didn't know how it works can i know the steps to let it work ?