Hi-low strategy

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- Draw a horizontal line from the first tick of the day,

- BUY Stop 10 pips above the line.

- SELL stop 10 pips below the line for the same pair.

- Stop Loss 25 pips

- Take profit the next day(with out TP),Or 30-50 pips.

- Trade as many pairs as I could ( I traded 10 pairs )

- Every day I made more than 200 pips from all trading, but the biggest one I got

from Gbp/Jpn.

But I don't want you to do that ! That's only my "bad" experience last time. What I sometimes still do until today is:

Hello everybody, I found this out there:

-To draw a line on yesterday highest

- To draw a second line on yesterday lowest.

- Easier to use daily chart.

- Buy Stop at yesterday highest

- Sell Stop at yesterday lowest

- Stop Loss 50 pips.

- That's all.

I traded just to refresh my mind and to prove that everybody can make pips with a very simple tricks, including you. He...he...he...

You wanna do that ? Look at your chart and draw a line on the previous day high and low, you will get the answer.

Happy trading



Hello everybody,

This strategy begins at the end of the day, I leave with you a screenshot, if not understood.

davy devaux
davy devaux  

it seems like a good system

but im a bit worried about the moves within the move , since its a daily chart

if you havebeen trading this system coul you post some resuls , just too save sometime if it doesnt work , i would hate to trade this system for a month or 2 and find that it didntwork -....


10 Bar High or low


I am new to the forum and I not sure how it all works. Here goes any way.

Is there an indicator that will show the highest high of the last 10 bars or the low of the last 10 bars? I think this is a simple indicator but I have no programing skills. If some one can point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated.

Also is there an indicator that will show constant range bars ie were you can set each bar to be 8 pips or 15pips etc.




very simple & profitable on GBP/JPY, almost similar with 4Candle 1H system.

using it almost 2 years till now

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