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Is it good to hide SL, TP?

i use a scalping ea

is it good to hide SL,TP ??

as the brokerage/bank you invest don't want to pay the spread to hedge the position, and they will lost when you take profit (they haven't hedge the position), even with ecn brokerage, they pass the orders to banker, banker also have to consider their profit..

so the borkerage/banker will control the price to not reach your TP, unless the price really go up to TP with a certain distance, the brokerage no excuses for not yet reach TP;

in an other hand, it's make you SL easier to reach, even the actual price haven't reach the SL.. ( buy increasing the spread or control the price)

disagree reason (should place SL,TP) :

1) place a TP can give a signal to broker, you should hedge this position

what do u think??


If you're doing hardscalping, those spikes catching your stoplosses will make you crazy.

If your scalping is not that "hard", it's okay whether you hide the SL or TP anyway.


I'm little disapointed reading this thread,

I've a swiss broker, that i use for trade CFD on french market. i have a simple scalping technic, that i'm trying on forex under MT4 that give good result.

I want to take an other broker for forex, with better leverage and facility for management. and maybe your experience will help me

I'm not an EA user, just some manual trade (10/15 each day), with a script for accelerate sending orders, of course i use SL and TP.

Do i risk to have some problem using this technic in real trade?

Because with my broker, i never had this problem, just a variable spread (1 or 2 on eur/usd in day and 3 in night for exemple) and some slowness on order sending.

thanks for help



Stop that crazy paranoia, fellas..

Nobody is hunting your stops.. I'm telling you - nobody is hunting your stops.. They're hunting mine!

Concentrate on your Discipline and your System. I have a friend which is a great trader. Doubles his account every 1-2 months. The guy never said a single word about stop-hunting...

Simply a myth.


then there are questions....

1.) do banks and ibfx or alpari etc hunt stops...

I think its just in general. If you have a 5 pip stop loss it goes 7... if its 30 it goes 40 if its 40 it goes 41.... I think there is a certain number of ups as there is downs. a sum zero game.

thats why rr has to be the 2 to 3 to one ...which makes scalping hard and forces a lot of trading failure.

Obviously, in live (ea--filling) getfilled at a low spread.. easy enough to program..dont take a 15 pip spread late at night when you should be at 1 or 2 pip spread. That's why I think the "sell /ask side" gets stop out.

Makes me sad that hedging is out lawed!. That was a good prevention for this problem.


Dear God, Why Do I Need Stop Loss ?

I'm new to forex I don't understand why would we set stop loss.

Dear God!!! it a loss Why would anyone want to set a loss.

Don't you want to set a profit instead of a loss. This is like saying up front hey I want to loss $60 on this trade if I don't hit my target.

Ok the dollar would not go all the way to zero like certain stock righ?? It would go up and down but not to zero

So, I have this idea but I think my knowledge is limited to see out side the square what could go wrong with this method ...maybe some you can help me.

Enclose is my backtest from 01/01/2009 to now

The rule is just take 15 pips of the market doesn't matter which way it go.

Test 1 : I set stop loss at 60 pips and take 15pips every time it reach the target when the signal tell me to.

Test 2: I did the same except that I don't set the stop loss at all and just take the 15pips everytime it reach the target. It will then wait for the next signal and buy in then wait until it reach 15 pips target and take it again. It can wait for days until that 15pips is reach. It will not take another trade until the previous one is closed at 15 pips up

Now some would say what about drawdown . From what you see is the maximum drawn down is $450 I can deal with that as I know for the fact currency would not go down to zero.

Patient is virtue and the end result will be pay as you can see from the chart

Please God please tell me what likely to go wrong in this theory.

Please comment your input please. Thanks.


First of all keep trading your method on demo account or on micro-account.

Don't stop, keep trading it in forward test. Then you will understood why you need stop lose.

But with these results in backtest, i encourage you to continue searching and developing your system, until you find the place its wrong, then you adapt you system. By the way on, by the time, you will no longer be a newbie.


Enclose is my backtest from 01/01/2009 to now

Do the same thing with 10 years of data and then show the curves.


Multiple EA's running at the same time

Does anyone run different EA's on different brokers MT4 platforms at the same time on the same computer?

I want to do this but am not sure if the mt4 platform will operate two different EA's at the same time. I have tried it but it seems one of the EA's will not run when the other is open.

looser.jpg 100 kb
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