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?? FM #104: description of HMA

& building on "design your own study" soft from ensignsoftware Products

Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  

Yes, it is the article of Alan Hull posted in ensignsoftware website in English and translated to the Russian in issue #104.

Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  

Yes, I agree.

Do you know about main mistake in this case?

They don't think about people.

They are thinking about indicators database.

People should be the main subject.

People (or coders) are primary ones.

And tables, computers, tea, cigarettes, indicators database, vehicle, house and so on are secondary subject.

The indicators were coded by people.

I have one suggestion to them (not sure that they are reading this thread).

If they failed with indicators' database so they may continue creating it in slowely way (without Collectors/Scriptors).

And they may create separated database (the other one) about the coders with indicators coded by coders and so on. How many mql4 coders we are having in the world? may be 15, may be 20 only. Well, 50. But no more than 50 exactly. According my opinion - 15 or 20. So it is not a problem to explain about every coder (as an interview and in the end: create the database for every single coder).

For example:

- Igorad,

- interview with Igorad,

- indicators/EAs/scripts coded by Igorad with his comments/explanations/charts etc.

And every coder like that. They will not have more than 20 coders exactly with free indicators/EAs.

If the coders are not coming to Metaquotes [to help them to create database] so Metaquotes are coming to coders. Old Russian proverb

If they will not do it so we may do on our forum.


ND, right, but i still want to stress the point - there’s no in Russian Language stronger offense and accusation in academic world than Plagiat (Plagiator)

Putting sign/ label of Plagiarism above work with names of our guys (no matter who claming authorship) is a severe violation of honor and dignity.

Ignorance of MQ officials this time went too far

should we and can we do something about it, ND?


Webster: Plagiarism (Plagiat)

1. A piece of writing that has been copied from someone else and is presented as being your own work.

2. The act of plagiarizing; taking someone's words or ideas as if they were your own.

___ [...plagiarism by students, professors, or researchers is considered academic dishonesty or academic fraud...]

Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  

I don't think we can do something.

Plagiat is plagiarism.

They wrote:

Name of indicator: Plagiat.

Author: Scriptor.

Download: (Plagiat).mq4

That's all.

And all other information we took from inside the code. For example, the information that Scriptor is not the author

About this indicator I understand the following.

More than 1 year ago Russian WizardSerg downloaded free on-line forex magazine in Russian language and saw some article. It is very general review about HMA. This review was not based on any software. Just general information. In the end of this information they posted an image from ensigh software with HMA.

- So, Russian WizardSerg, probable, does not speak English. He just converted some formulas presented in this small article to MT4 format and created indicator for MT4. Once again: it was not formulas for ensigh software. It was some mathematical explanation about Hull MA in general:

a + b + c excluded 7 and shifted ...

So, he just took idea from the article.

- Igorad fixed the bugs.

- together with FXiGoR ("personalized" is changing default settings of the indicator) and

- "maloma did something" (probable this well-known coder maloma does not speak english).

I am not sure about maloma but the other 3 persons should know each other very well for the long time even before our forum was created.

That's all. I don't see any case of plagiat. About authorship it is written:

MT4 release WizardSerg ,ForexMagazine #104

(don't know about maloma).

may be, maloma=Scriptor?

Scriptor found this indicator from somewhere ... Who is Scriptor? Where did he found it? Why he renamed the indicator? Why he did not speak with authors? But who re-named indicator from HMA.mq4 to (Plagiat).mq4 if not Scriptor? Igorad, maloma? Where this indicator was discussed. From whom Scriptor was assigned to make any comments?

We don't know anything.

Metaquotes are collecting some indicators from somewhere without any links, without authors notifications, making some comments, renaming the indicators ... you know ... they don't care ...

We don't have connection with Metaquotes ...

Nothing we can do in this case.


today in MQ site "Plagiat" disappeared

insted (among many others) posted Sciptor's "HMA Color"

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