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Kimberly Hall
Kimberly Hall  

I might not be a forex trader guru but I am an expert researcher. Based on research and current trade trends I think gold trading is the way to go. Truth of the matter is in times of crisis and economic down fall, gold it always standing tall and is a mutual form of trade. You can’t loose when you trade gold it is almost like crude oil.

joe blogs
joe blogs  

i think your research maybe slightly floored

Gold going back up has got nothing to do with times of crises

its about seasonal trends and support (and then resistance) levels

so you may need to do abit more work

and for those that have nt trading Gold before i would just like to point out many traders loose a fortune trading Gold or Oil

(ask John Paulson)

both Gold and Oil can be extremely wild and are always heavily manipulated

Sure Golds been great for the last yr if you know exactly what your doing - but it is n't that easy

200-500pip swings at least means bigger stops

and just to add, i once spoke to an ex member from another forum a few yrs ago as he was looking for advice as could n't work out what he was doing wrong

but unfortunately over a few wks blew all his 25K inheritance just on Gold

so people should do there research thoroughly and build a system just for Gold before trading the shining stuff

because all that glitters is not Gold


xauusd classic patterns:

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