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I am agree with Megalead. Please try the CrissCross ea first. It works almost the same like you want. The only difference is just, yours increase the stop loss. The current version of CrissCross still deleting the lossing trade. At the moment, I think Azman (the creator of CrisCross) is working on Harry's idea, which carry all the trades before TP is reached. I am testing the latest version at the moment. Cheers,

Hi ..do you have a Yahoo OR MSN ? let me know if we can chat ... T68

Hi ..do you have a Yahoo OR MSN ? let me know if we can chat ... T68

Hi Tarun,

Sorry I didn't post a lot in these few days. I am a bit busy at the moment. I am still preparing myself to open live account, while doing my job. At the moment I am running the latest CrissX ea. So far so good. However I am still worry that the price will be ranging in the tunnel that force me to open more new trades. I'll let it run for the next week or more and let's see the result. I'll post the result later.

I think I have messanger, but never use it before I don't really like them actually. Just pm me if you need something.


Azman Mansor
Azman Mansor  
Can someone you know help me to write this very simple EA for testing .

hi T68, here's tester for your strategy

pls note slx and tpx in the external settings

slx is the factor by which your stoploss will vary as level progress

and tpx respectively for takeprofit

Start_Long=0 will start with a buy

Start_Long=1 will start with a sell

this will be override if Use_JRSX=true

pls report bugs here; or if you're going to modify your strategy.


stopper.mq4 7 kb
Tarun - Here Are The EAs from the other Thread:



However this is not a hedge because...

#1 it closes all losing positions

#2 it has set take profit and stop losses for each position

The noteworthy difference here is that Tarun said that if it moves 18 pips in any direction it will be profitable... we all know that EUR USD does that all the time... So I'm not sure how similar or different these are... Guess i need to get this one figured out more to determine that.

I can start to run the CrisX EA to see how it acts ... But your results were good wibitiens? what Size lots did you start out with etc...

what is the time frame and the best time to trade with those eas?

thank you for kind reply.

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