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There's a lot more to Drummond Geometry than just the PLdot. The stuff is a little overcomplicated to me. You aren't really looking for the dot to change directions. You're looking for a loss of momentum. The distance between the dot and the previous dot should be narrower. Then you have to start analyzing shorter time frames to fine tune your entry price.

It also involves drawing trendlines between the dots to give you an idea of where your entry should be. My problem with the system is that Drummond claims that it should perform equally well in both a trending and congested market. I don't find this to be the case because the rules for identifying a congested market are unclear.

Also, it should be noted that the PLdot is supposed to be plotted to the right of the bar, right in between the bars. I don't believe MetaTrader is capable of doing this.

When the p.l dot starts falling off the main channel line, it means loss of momentum.
This is always expected at higher time frame resistance.  If the pl loses momentum look for congestion on lower time frame.  I been studying this system for 14 years now...message me if u need help.
Jean Francois Le Bas
Jean Francois Le Bas  
((((High[pos+1])+ (Low[pos+1]) + (Close[pos+1]))/3) + 
(((High[pos+2])+ (Low[pos+2]) + (Close[pos+2]))/3) +
(((High[pos+3])+ (Low[pos+3]) + (Close[pos+3]))/3))/3;

that's all the logic there is ? LOL

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