Can someone please help add breakeven to my EA

Chinedu Onuoha  


‌‌I am at the very kindergarten stage of coding and I stumbled on this website I am  able to create a few good EA's with their help.

M‌y major challenge is how to add Breakeven to this particular EA based on CCI.

I‌f price moves 20 pips, EA should bring stoploss to breakeven.

P‌lease can anyone help me add this?

T‌hanks ( EA is attached)

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CCI.mq4  4 kb
Chinedu Onuoha  
Alain Verleyen:
See WHRoeder answer, he says you all.

Atleast I am making an effort to learn.

Any assistance will be appreciated

Fernando Carreiro  
Chinedu Onuoha: At least I am making an effort to learn. Any assistance will be appreciated

Using a "code generator" is not an attempt to learn. It is at best considered "cheating on your exam" and not actually learning. To learn, you use the reference documentation, books, tutorials, example code but never code generators.

Also, I see that you sell several products on the Market which you obviously acquired by ‌using the Freelance section. So, since it seems obvious that the ultimate objective of this EA is for it to be sold on the Market too, don't you think it would be more ethical for you to hire a Freelancer to assist you instead of requesting free advice on the Forum?