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Help with Choppy market indicator

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Hi I'm new in Mql4. I'm trying to create an ea based on the choppy market indicator. I've identified the buffers as follows:

   double cma=iCustom(NULL, 0, "CMI",60,10,false,3, 1);//smoothed ma

   double cmil = iCustom(NULL,0, "CMI", 60,10, false,0,1); //cmi line

   double cmilg=iCustom(NULL,0, "CMI", 60,10, false,1,1); // green line

   double cmilr=iCustom(NULL,0, "CMI",60,10, false,2,1); // red line

 Now i want the ea to buy if like picture below;


 Choppy Market Index indicator

 to buy:

 if cmi line is blue and greater than 60 and  green line is green then buy

 if(  cmil > 60 && cmilg  is green  && Count.Buy() == 0 )


 if the cmi line is blue and greater than 60 and the red  line is red is red then sell

 else if cmil > 60 && cmilr >  is red && Count.Sell() == 0)

 I've tried different combination but it doesn't seem to work properly. My problem is how to tell the programme that the colour has turned green or red. Have I made a mistake on buffers?

Please help . Thanks.

  1. What is the buffer values when the line is green vs red? Until you know that, you haven't "make a mistake." You don't know enough to code it.
  2. You should write a self documenting function instead of calling iCustom directly, see Detailed explanation of iCustom - MQL4 forum
Keith Watford
Keith Watford  

Usually when buffer lines are not visible, the buffer's value is EMPTY_VALUE

So you would check

cmilr >  is red



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