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Meta Trader running without my permission

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MGenie 2013.12.24 12:12 


For several times i've seen in the task manager the MetaTrader running without me starting it. And it is consuming 100% of my PC. Can anyone explain me this? How can the MetaTester be running if i did not started it?

Edit: I just uninstall the MetaTrader and it continuous to appear in the task manager and consuming 100%. It appears two times like this: metatester.exe *32 I stop it's activity but it turns on automatically right after. I demand an explanation.


Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev 2013.12.24 12:48  

It is nothing with metatrader itself.

  • If you instal metatrader and open it - it is running.
  • If you instal metatrader and did not open it - it is not running
  • if you uninstall metatrader - it does not exist

May be - you opened metatrader several times? You can re-start computer

MGenie 2013.12.24 13:01  
I'm sorry but that is not what has happened. I don't start the Metatrader since August or September. I uninstall the MetaTrader a few minutes ago and it was still starting and consuming 100% because the uninstallation did not remove the .exe I had to stop the MetaTrader several times in order to delete the folder with the .exe inside.
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