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ibelial 2016.12.01 14:37 

Hi everyone... I´m sorry for this newbie questions:

1 -  every time I want to add a signal, red box pops up saying symbols not found EURUSD 




2 -  password: (my account password? )

Achmad Armawijaya
Achmad Armawijaya 2016.12.09 09:33  
1. hmm... maybe your broker does not provide that pair... check if there is that pair

2 -  password: (my account password? ) yes... your mql account password

Marco vd Heijden
Marco vd Heijden 2016.12.09 09:41  

I think it's a bit weird for any broker not to provide a EURUSD feed for their clients.

Maybe it's a Prefix issue.

whroeder1 2016.12.09 16:07  
Marco vd Heijden: Maybe it's a Prefix issue.
Not just
Broker's use a variety of nameing patterns: EURUSD, EURUSDm, EURUSDi "EURUSD.", "EURUSD..", "EUR.USD", "EUR/USD", "EURUSD.stp", EURUSDct, "EURUSD.G", "EURUSD+", EURUSDpro at least.
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