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Frederic Metraux
Frederic Metraux 2016.11.27 23:17 

I'm wondering if Metaquotes is planning such feature or not. My opinion is that databases for automated trading is a must. I've tried several librairies for db access, ADO, MySQL, SQL Server and SQLLite to name a few. All are rather old and not maintained at all by their authors. For me, only two of them work, but I'm not entirely satisfied, and I guess they won't work anymore soon because they are outdated.

So my expectation for the future is that Metaquotes offers db access natively, using at least ODBC in order to use any database in the market.

Are your robots using databases? Did you hear about some development from Metaquotes about this?

Alain Verleyen
Alain Verleyen 2016.11.27 23:45  

It was discussed on Russian forum (1.5 years ago)

Translation :

Implementation is possible in the future, but for now there are lots of other priorities.

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